2016 Sierra Outsider Online Filmfest (My Favorite Online Outdoor Videos of 2016)

I watch a lot of outdoor films on Youtube, Vimeo and elsewhere. A lot. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have cable, and have already watched Planet Earth on Netflix one million times.

I’ve also been lucky enough to tag along with Lynn as she scouts films at the South Yuba Citizens League Wild and Scenic Film Festival – she’s hosted an on tour stop of the festival in South Lake Tahoe for Sierra Nevada Alliance for the last few years.

So with the format of that great film festival in mind, I thought I would collect my favorites of 2016 all in one place, a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon or to pass the time when a cold is keeping you inside.


First up, is Our Land – a beautifully shot and edited film with some fancy kit about traversing Oregon, surfing, mountain biking and fly fishing along the way.

Next we stay in Oregon with a film about rebuilding a community called Oakridge, in part with mountain biking. This film convinced Lynn and I to stop and ride in Oakridge on our Northwest Road Trip last summer. While this one isn’t actually from 2016, I found it this year, so I’m counting it.

Moving north, this next film also talks about communities embracing mountain biking and tourism as new revenue as timber declines – this time on Vancouver’s Sunshine Coast. Freehub Magazine has been creating some fantastic films, and their work recently caught the attention of Teton Gravity Research, one of the giants of the ski and snowboard movie world, teaming up to produce the “Next Exit” series, which you should also check out.

Bringing the theme of community building with bikes (don’t worry, this won’t only be mountain biking, I promise) closer to home, here’s a video from First Track Productions about a Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association project that brought the South Lake Tahoe community together.

Alright, we’ll leave mountain biking behind for now, and move to what inevitably comes after mountain biking – beer! This is another film about a rural community (in this case, California’s Mono County) diversifying tourism and the economy it brings. I’m lucky to get to write for Mono County Tourism through East River PR, and I personally love June Lake Brewing, so this film was a gimme.

I mentioned the Wild and Scenic Film Festival earlier, and one of my favorite films from the 2016 festival is now free online, thanks to OARS. Martin’s Boat blends a passion for white water and conservation in the desert Southwest.

When I was young, I decided Yosemite was the center of the universe. You should watch every film in the Yosemite Nature Notes series, but this one, published last winter, hit home for me, as I learned to ski at Yosemite’s Badger Pass.

Last up, partially because I haven’t put a rock climbing film in, and partially because I really enjoy all the IFHT films, is “How to be a Rock Climber.”

I’m sure I’m missing a few great videos I watched this year, but this is a good list. What were your favorites from 2016?


Mountain Bike Coaching with A Single Track Mind (Video)

I recently worked with Dylan Renn, who started up his own Mountain Bike Coaching Business, A Single Track Mind, to put together a video about his work:

Lynn made a guest-star appearance, and picked up some great pointers along the way.

I was impressed with Dylan’s coaching style and really enjoyed putting this together. Go to www.asingletrackmind.com to find out more.

Point Reyes Wildlife Video

Point Reyes is an incredible place, and its wildlife is just one facet of that. As I’ve been getting to know Point Reyes again over the past few years, I’ve seen whales, elephant seals, tule elk, myriad birds, a couple bobcats and even a peregrine falcon.

Wildlife photography is by far the most difficult type of photography I’ve tried, and video is even more challenging. Point Reyes has been a great place to practice.

Portfolio Piece: Truckee Tahoe Airport Video

Here’s a quick video I shot and edited for the Truckee Tahoe Airport. The goal was, along with a print campaign, to remind pilots the reason they (or their passengers) fly to Truckee is why anybody comes to Truckee – the mountain character – in hopes that they’ll fly in a way to maintain the piece and quiet we all value.

I’ve shot at Martis Creek Reservoir before, getting pictures of ospreys and bald eagles fishing, pelicans hanging out, arctic terns passing through, and numerous other critters so I knew it would be a great place to illustrate the point. When the clouds were being all beautiful one day I ran out at lunch to grab a few shots and some background noise.

Portfolio Pieces: Marketing Video

While working at Start Haus, I found video to be one of the most powerful marketing tools in our arsenal, and was lucky enough to spend time producing, shooting and editing videos for their Youtube channel here.

A few of my favorites:

Make Skiing Better – an overview of the ethos of Start Haus.

This was a compilation of some of the better ski action we accumulated while filming ski review videos, using the audio from a 101.5 KTKE Radio Station ad I wrote.


Mt. Bachelor Boot Testing – a look inside the boot testing process

Each year a variety of ski boot fitters gather at Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort near Bend, Oregon to test the next year’s boots, both to decide what they want to carry in their stores, and also to provide the content for Ski and Skiing Magazines’ annual buyers guides.


Inside the Boot Fitting Lab – the nitty-gritty of customizing ski boots

This was a two camera shoot of the intricacies of boot fitting.